Kashi® 7 Whole Grain Nuggets Cereal

Kashi® 7 Whole Grain Nuggets Cereal

Made with hearty whole grains, the simple goodness of our crunchy nuggets is nutritious and satisfying.

Savor every hearty bite of whole grains and sesame goodness in our crunchy nuggets while getting a whole day's worth of whole grains — all this in a single delicious bowl of Kashi® 7 Whole Grain Nuggets.

- 51g Whole Grains* per serving
- 7g Fiber per serving
- 1.5g Fat per serving
* 48g or more of whole grains recommended daily

Development of heart disease depends upon many factors, but its risk may be reduced by diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol and healthy lifestyles.

Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol and rich in fruits, vegetables, and grain products that contain some types of dietary fiber, particularly soluble fiber, may reduce the risk of heart disease, a disease associated with many risk factors.

Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods, and low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
Get up close and personal with Kashi® 7 Whole Grain Nuggets Cereal


  • 1/2 Cup
  • 210
  • 1.5 g
  • 260 mg
  • 7 g
  • 3 g
  • 7 g
  • 51 g
  • See entire nutrition panel >>
Nutrition Index for Kashi® 7 Whole Grain Nuggets Cereal


Whole Wheat Flour, Kashi Seven Whole Grains & Sesame® Flour (Stone Ground Whole: Oats, Hard Red Wheat, Rye, Brown Rice, Triticale, Buckwheat, Barley, Sesame Seeds), Malted Barley, Salt, Yeast, Mixed Tocopherols For Freshness.


Contains Wheat Ingredients.

See packaging for current product information

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Love the crunchy, sweet 7 grain nuggets with Fage 0%fat plain greek yogurt and fresh blueberries for breakfast.. I too bought it at Whole Foods and then they quit carrying it. All the other grocery stores only carry Grape Nuts. At last I found the 7 whole grain nuggets on Amazon available in 6 box quantities so I bought them. I came to this site to see what the glycemic index was on the food because I heard high glycemic index causes inflammation. Did not find that info here or on the box
on November 30, 2014
This cereal is a staple for me. i mix it with the Autumn Wheat for my breakfast several days a week. I have been trying to find it for several weeks but the store (Whole Foods) where I buy it is out of stock. They have told me they are trying to get it and will call me when it comes in. When will i be able to get it?
Linda B
on November 2, 2014
Been in Canada for 3 months and looking for this cereal. Used to find it here in the Independent. Haven't found it here. I called friends visiting from the US and they couldn't find it at Whole Foods (?!). Tried to buy it on this site only to find it out of stock (!!!?). Tried to buy it in bulk from Amazon (2 weeks, haven't shipped yet, no answer why). Is this being pulled from the market?! What is going on with my favorite cereal? I don't want to go back to all wheat Grape Nuts... Please fix!
Ian D
on September 5, 2014

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