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Volume 2 - Issue 2- Earth Day 2013
Earth Day 2013 - Simple. Good. Change.
Celebrate Earth Day 365 days a year!
These four small steps will make a big difference to our planet - and have a positive impact on you too.
Buy locally grown food Not just fresh and tasty, but requires fewer fossil fuels from farm to table. Start a carpool Cuts down on fuel emissions and saves everyone money.
Pay your bills online In addition to saving time and money, it saves trees and reduces transportation fuel consumption. Adjust your thermostats Cuts energy use and for every degree you drop (or raise in the warmer months) you can save about 2%.*
Spread the love for planet Earth! Help us spread the love.
Celebrate Earth Day by encouraging your social circles to go green this year. Give the planet a virtual hug by posting and sharing this art and our earth-friendly tips. Post it. Pin it. Make it yours.
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Looking for even more ways to make a positive impact to our planet? These articles are full of earth-friendly tips.
"Tips for Greener Living"
Easy tips to start living a greener life today.
"Living the Green Life: Five Eco-Principles"
Key lessons in sustainable design that apply to everyday living.
"Eco-Friendly Grilling"
From food to grill to plate, ways to keep your next barbecue earth-friendly.
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  Happy Earth Day, you big ol' lovable planet, you. We hope you have one heck of a year and many, many, many more.

*Source: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Improve the Performance of Your Existing System. Accessed March 21, 2013.