The pros of protein


Protein can help power your day. We all need this very necessary nutrient, but in amounts that can vary from one person to the next. Find out how much protein you need — and how to get it from some surprising sources — and become your own protein pro.

  • We Believe in Working with Nature to Provide Protein

    We Believe in Working with Nature to Provide Protein

    At Kashi, we're passionate about protein. After all, it's in our roots. We set out more than 25 years ago to create a natural, plant-based protein from a nutritious mix of whole grains. In our efforts, we created the unique blend of 7 Whole Grains that is still the inspiration for many of the foods we make today.…

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  • Become a protein pro

    Become a protein pro

    Your protein needs are as unique are you are! We’ll help you make sure you’re getting the amount you need to be at your best.…

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  • Protein & Weight Loss

    Protein & Weight Loss

    We all know the time-honored weight loss pillars include eating a balanced diet, engaging in frequent exercise, and cutting overall caloric intake. One way that studies and experts have indicated is successful for people to lose weight and improve overall body composition is through upping the amount of protein in the diet1. There are several factors at work and we've outlined them below for you.…

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  • Protein Basics

    Protein Basics

    Protein: you hear a lot about it and you know it's important. Learn why it's essential to good health and good eating.…

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  • Protein Power

    Protein Power

    Protein is part of every cell in your body and makes up about 15% of the average person's body weight. The power of protein.…

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  • Protein: Weight Loss & Athletic Performance

    Protein: Weight Loss & Athletic Performance

    Protein is an essential macronutrient in its own right, and paying attention to its source and amount is crucial for those seeking…

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  • The Skinny on Protein: Lean Animal Proteins

    The Skinny on Protein: Lean Animal Proteins

    Except for some brief maligning during the 1980s low-fat craze, protein has always been a dietary star. Well-known fad diets —Zone, Atkins, and South Beach—all emphasize limiting simple carbohydrates like white flour and sugar in favor of a higher-than-average dose of protein. Even among non-dieters, protein is a dietary given, and yet many don't know exactly why it's so essential to their health.…

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  • Understanding Complete Plant Proteins

    Understanding Complete Plant Proteins

    Our bodies use 20 different amino acids to build proteins. Some amino acids can be synthesized when we need them but there are…

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  • Vegetarians and Protein: Creating a Healthy Diet

    Vegetarians and Protein: Creating a Healthy Diet

    There are a lot of compelling reasons to adopt a vegetarian diet these days. Studies show people who eat more plant-based foods…

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