Our Philosophy: Good Health Starts with the Heart

Our Philosophy: Good Health Starts with the Heart

We heart hearts. We love being in tune to their soothing rhythms. We love when they race with excitement. And we love when good food makes them skip a beat. And that’s why we believe heart health is something to be nourished and protected.

At Kashi, we pride ourselves on seeking out naturally healthy ways to help address some of our most challenging health issues. And real food is at the heart of our approach to heart health.

We believe our bodies crave real, whole foods, and our plants-first approach drives us to source unexpected ingredients and combine them in new ways — creating innovative real foods that get the most from nutrients found naturally.

Real food ingredients not only make our foods taste good, but many have natural gifts for the heart as well. Chewy, nutty barley has heart-healthy benefits, sweet rolled oats give us fiber, and dark tart berries deliver antioxidants. All help support healthy cholesterol and optimal blood pressure levels.

With its abundant gifts, nature gives us many tasty ways to satisfy our senses while feeding our hearts with good health. It even inspired us to create our Kashi® Heart to Heart® foods, made with natural ingredients that do more for you. Because we believe in sharing the importance of heart-healthy nutrition and making it easier for everyone to enjoy.

Sound good? Tell us your thoughts.

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