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At Kashi, we believe the path to wellness doesn't have to be a complicatedone.

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It all began with a passion for food.

Kashi was founded in La Jolla, California in 1984 by Gayle and Philip Tauber, pioneers in the natural health food movement.

What’s in a name?

The Taubers were inspired by the virtues of the Kosher food standard (“Kashruth”) and the macrobiotic diet, as championed by Japanese philosopher Michio Kushi, the two named their new company “Kashi”.


They set out on a journey...

to share with the world the possibilities of natural food that does good for the people who eat it and the planet it grows from.

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Our foods have always represented a healthy lifestyle,

but what it means to be healthy, and how to get there, looks increasingly different for everybody. That’s why we create a variety of foods, flavors, tips, and inspiration to help you enjoy reaching your next goal. Whatever that is!