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Important Printing Tips

It's easy to print Kashi®'s coupons and save! Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Make sure the Coupon Printer is installed.

    The Coupon Printer is an application that must be installed to access valuable savings from Kashi®. You need to install this application only once. It does not install any third-party software, adware, or spyware, nor does it collect any personal information. You may not have the administrative permissions required to download and install the application if you are at work or using a public computer such as in a library.

    For installation instructions, please choose your operating system by clicking the Windows or Mac links below. Coupon printing is not supported on Linux, Chromium, Windows 98/ME, Windows 8 Metro Mode, WebTV, or virtual computing environments such as VMWare.

    Windows Mac
  2. Make sure your default printer is set up.

    Our secure printing platform ensures that coupons will never display on the screen but will print directly to your printer. Before printing, make sure your default printer is set, connected, turned on, and has paper, ink or toner. Please choose your operating system below for more detailed instructions.

    Windows Mac
  3. Test successful Coupon Printer installation.

    Print Test Coupon Now

Additional Coupon Support

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Please note: A coupon will no longer print once it has reached its printing limit. Questions about non-Kashi® brands should be directed to the manufacturer. Kashi® works with to provide online coupons and related support.

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